Conversion Table

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  • This table provides a quick directory of where Chicago Municipal Code chapters are located within the current Chicago Building Code numbering system (Divisions and Subdivisions), based on the ICC model code.

    1-4Code Adoption – Organization1101
    1-21False Statements1117
    2-12City Clerk1101
    2-14Department of Administrative Hearings1112
    2-21Department of Business Affairs and Licensing (Repealed)1104
    2-22Department of the Buildings1104
    2-23Department of Construction and Permits (Repealed)1104
    2-30Department of the Environment (Repealed)1104
    2-36Fire Department1104
    2-56Office of the Inspector General1117
    2-116Zoning and Examination Boards1112
    2-120Commissioners and Commissions1112
    2-154Disclosure of Ownership Interests in Entities1117
    2-156Governmental Ethics1117
    4-28Drain Layers1116
    4-36Licensing of General Contractors1116
    4-40Residential Real Estate Developers (Repealed)1116
    4-72Day Care Centers (Repealed)4407
    4-96Long-Term Care Facilities (Repealed)4407
    4-97Adult Family Care Facilities (Repealed)3310
    4-100Dry Cleaners (Repealed)4413
    4-108Filling Stations4414
    4-115Hazardous Materials (Repealed)4414
    4-151Shooting Range Facility License4421
    4-152Wholesale Drug, Chemical or Paint Stores4413
    4-165Expediters (Repealed)1116
    4-204Home Repairs (Repealed)1116
    4-208Hotels (Repealed)3310
    4-209Single-Room Occupancy Buildings (Repealed)3310
    4-210Bed and Breakfast Establishments (Repealed)3310
    4-220Laundries (Repealed)4413
    4-224Manufacturing Establishments3306
    4-229Tire Facilities (Repealed)4406
    4-232Motor Vehicle Storage and Sales4406
    4-266Steam Boiler Erectors and Repairers1116
    4-288Crane Operators1116
    4-298Elevator Mechanic Contractors1116
    4-336Plumbing Contractors1116
    4-344Stationary Engineers and Boiler Tenders1116
    4-376Mason Contractors1116
    4-384Animal Care4421
    4-388Rooftops in the Wrigley Field Adjacent Area4421
    5-12Residential Landlords and Tenants4421
    5-14Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Properties4421
    7-4Lead-Bearing Substances4421
    7-28Health Nuisances4421
    8-32Noise and Vibration Control131302
    10-20Work On and Under the Public Ways32
    10-24Signs Extending Over and Upon Certain Public Property32
    10-28Structures on and Under the Public Ways32
    10-29Wires, Pipes, Cables and Conduits On, Under or Over Public Property32
    10-30Telecommunications Equipment On, Over or Under Public Ways32
    10-32Trees, Plants and Shrubs32
    11-4Environmental Protection and Control131302
    11-5Reduction and Recycling Program131302
    11-8Water Supply and Distribution Systems1111
    11-12Water Supply and Service1111
    11-16Public Sewers and Drains1111
    11-18Stormwater Management1111
    11-20Gas Supply and Service1111
    13-8Administration of Zoning, Building and Housing Provisions1104
    13-9Demolition of Open, Hazardous Residential and Commercial Buildings1115
    13-10Registration of Multiple Dwellings1110
    13-11Vacant, Abandoned and Deteriorating Buildings1115
    13-12Enforcement of Building, Electrical and Fire Regulations1113
    13-14Code Enforcement Bureau of the Department of Buildings (Repealed)1113
    13-16Building Standards and Tests1112
    13-20Building Inspection1109
    13-24Building Board of Appeals1112
    13-28Registration for Building Work1116
    13-32Building Permits1105
    13-36Building Certificates1110
    13-40Building Plans1106
    13-48Height and Area Limitations5
    13-52Minimum Design Loads16
    13-56Classification of Buildings by Occupancy3302
    13-60Classification of Buildings by Construction Type6
    13-64Residential Units3310
    13-68Business Units3304
    13-76High-Rise Buildings4403
    13-78High-Rise Buildings – Emergency Procedure4403
    13-80Institutional Units3308
    13-84Assembly Units3303
    13-88Open Air Assembly Units3303
    13-96Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures3312
    13-100Mercantile Units3309
    13-104Industrial Units3306
    13-108Storage Units3311
    13-112Hazardous Use Units3307
    13-116Fire Limits – Location Limitations1118
    13-120Materials, Methods and Tests17
    13-124Safeguards During Construction - Building Safety Requirements33
    13-128Use of Public Property32
    13-136Concrete Construction19
    13-140Masonry Construction21
    13-144Wood Construction23
    13-148Steel and Metal Construction22
    13-160Exit Requirements10
    13-164Security Devices in Residential Buildings4421
    13-172Light and Ventilation12
    13-196Existing Buildings - Minimum Requirements343401
    13-200Rehabilitation Code343403
    13-204Men's Cubicle Hotels3310
    13-206Single-Room Occupancy Buildings3310
    13-208Temporary Overnight Shelters3310
    13-212Transitional Shelters3310
    15-4Bureau of Fire Prevention1104
    15-8Fire-resistive Requirements7
    15-12Fire-resistive Materials and Construction7
    15-16Fire Protection Equipment9
    15-20Explosives and Fireworks4414
    15-24Flammable Liquids4414
    15-26Fume and Flammable Compressed Gases4414
    15-28Hazardous Materials and Combustible Solids4414
    16-6Flood Control1118
    16-4Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection1118
    16-18Open Space Impact Fee Ordinance1105
    18-13Energy Conservation131301
    18-14Building Energy Use Benchmarking131301
    18-27Chicago Electrical Code27
    18-28Mechanical and Refrigeration Systems28
    18-29Water Service Charges and Plumbing Requirements29
    18-30Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters and Moving Sidewalks30
    18-32Automotive Lifts30
    18-36Reference Standards35