Location Of Chapters In 1990 Code  

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  • This table gives the location of each chapter of the Municipal Code of Chicago, 1983. The right-hand column shows where the material is found in the 1990 Code by title and chapter; for example, 1983 Code Chapter 1 is found in Title 1, Chapter 4 of the 1990 Code. Chapters from the 1983 Code which have been subsequently repealed are no longer noted in this table.

    1983 Code ChapterSubject1990 Code Chapter
    1Organization of Code1-4
    2Corporate Seal and Emblems1-8
    4City Council2-8
    5City Clerk2-12
    6Department of Law2-60
    7Department of Finance2-32
    7.2Department of Human Services2-48
    7.3Department of Aging and Disability2-16
    8.1Department of Water2-108
    8.2Department of Aviation2-20
    8.3Department of Sewers2-96
    9Board of Health2-112
    9.1Commission for Health Planning2-132
    10Department of Revenue2-80
    11Department of Police2-84
    11.1Registration of Firearms8-20
    11.2Possession of Firearms8-20
    11.3Temporary Questioning2-84
    12Fire Department2-36
    13Department of Buildings2-22
    13.1Code Enforcement Bureau of the Department of Buildings13-14
    14Department of Streets and Sanitation2-100
    16Department of Consumer Services2-24
    17Environmental Control Ordinance11-4
    18Department of Housing2-44
    18.1Department of Neighborhoods2-72
    19Office of Inspector General2-56
    20Zoning, Local Improvements and Examining Boards2-116
    21Commissioners and Commissions2-120
    22Policemens' and Firemens' Death Benefits3-8
    23Municipal Libraries2-64
    24Department of Cultural Affairs2-28
    24.1Department of General Services2-40
    24.2Department of Management Information Services2-68
    25Officers and Employees2-152
    25.1Department of Personnel2-74
    26Department of Purchases, Contracts and Supplies2-92
    26.1Disclosure of Ownership Interest in Entities2-154
    26.2Governmental Ethics2-156
    26.3Campaign Financing2-164
    27.1Administrative Adjudication of Parking Violations9-100
    28Public Passenger Vehicles9-112
    28.1Public Chauffeurs9-104
    28.2Registration of School Vehicles9-116
    28.3Horse-drawn Carriages9-108
    29Wheel Tax Licenses3-56
    30Arrangement of City Streets10-4
    31Public Sewers and Drains11-16
    32Trees, Plants and Shrubs10-32
    33Work on and Under Public Ways10-20
    34Structures on and Under Public Ways10-28
    34.1Signs Extending Over or Upon Certain Public Property10-24
    36Use of Public Ways and Places10-8
    36.1Street Performers4-268
    37Parks, Playgrounds and Airports10-36
    38Chicago Harbor10-40
    39Enforcement of Building, Electrical and Fire Regulations13-12
    39.1Registration of Multiple Dwellings13-10
    40Frontage Consents13-44
    41Administration of Zoning, Building and Housing Provisions13-8
    41.1Building Standards and Tests13-16
    41.2Building Board of Appeals13-24
    42Registration for Building Work13-28
    43Building Permits13-32
    44Building Certificates13-36
    45Building Plans13-40
    46Building Inspection13-20
    47Definitions (relating to building regulations)13-4
    48Classification of Buildings by Occupancy13-56
    49Classification of Buildings by Construction Type13-60
    50Fire Limits – Location Limitations13-116
    51Height and Area Limitations13-48
    52Residential Units13-64
    53Institutional Units13-80
    54Assembly Units13-84
    55Open Air Assembly Units13-88
    55.1Open-Air Drive-in Theaters13-92
    56Business Units13-68
    57Mercantile Units13-100
    58Industrial Units13-104
    59Storage Units13-108
    60Hazardous Use Units13-112
    61Miscellaneous Buildings and Structures13-96
    62Fire-Resistive Requirements15-8
    62.1High Rise Buildings13-76
    63Chimneys, Flues and Vents13-152
    64Fire Protection15-16
    65Fire-Resistive Materials and Construction15-12
    67Exit Requirements13-160
    68Minimum Design Loads13-52
    69Materials, Methods and Tests13-120
    71Masonry Construction13-140
    73Concrete Construction13-136
    74Sheet and Metal Construction13-148
    75Safety Requirements13-124
    76Safeguards During Construction13-124
    77Use of Public Property13-128
    78Minimum Requirements for Existing Buildings13-196
    78.1Rehabilitation Code13-200
    78.2Men's Cubicle Hotels13-204
    78.3Transitional Shelters13-212
    78.4Temporary Overnight Shelters13-208
    78.5Security Devices in Residential Buildings13-164
    79Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, and Inclined Lifts in Private Residences13-156
    79.1Warm Air Heating Plants13-184
    80Heating Provisions13-180
    81.1Natural Light and Ventilation13-172
    82Plumbing Provisions13-168
    83Water Supply and Distribution Systems11-8
    85Mechanical Refrigeration13-192
    86Enforcement of Electrical Regulations14-12
    86.1Electric Signs and Signboards14-40
    87General Standards of Electrical InstallationTitle 14
    87-100 – 87-110.20 Definitions and General Provisions14-8
    87-200.1 – 87-280.26 Wiring Design and Protection14-16
    87-300 – 87-390.3 Wiring Methods and Materials14-20
    87-400 – 87-480.7 Equipment for General Use14-24
    88Electric Equipment for Specific UsesTitle 14
    88-500 – 88-570.8 Special Occupancies14-28
    88-600 – 88-606.8 Illuminated Signs and Illumination of Signboards14-36
    88-610 – 88-680.12, 88-770.1 – 88-770.9 Specific Uses and Equipment14-32
    88-480.8, 88-820 Penalty for Violations14-72
    88-700 – 88-700.16, 88-730 – 88-730.9, 88-750 Emergency Systems14-48
       88-710 – 88-710.71 Circuits and Equipment Operating at More Than 600 Volts Between Conductors14-52
    88-720 – 88-720.10 Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less than 50 Volts14-56
    88-725 – 88-725.46 Remote-Control, Low-Energy Power and Signal controls14-60
    88-800 – 88-810.92 Communication Systems14-44
    88-9 – 88-9999 Standards and Specifications14-64
    88-10 Tables 1A – 32, Diagrams 1 – 3014-68
    90Bureau of Fire Prevention15-4
    91Fire Protection Equipment15-16
    92Hazardous Materials and Combustible Solids15-28
    93Births and Deaths7-16
    94Contagious and Epidemic Diseases7-20
    95Care of Foods7-40
    96Living and Working Conditions5-4
    97Drugs and Narcotics7-24
    98Animal Care and Control7-12
    100Regulations of Weights and Measures4-276
    100.1Toy Safety Ordinance7-36
    101General Licensing Provisions4-4
    102Frontage ConsentsSee 13-44
    104.1Public Places of amusements4-156
    104.2Automatic Amusement Devices4-156
    106.2Audio-Video Repair Shops4-164
    110Home Repairs4-204
    114.1Chicago Financial Services4-304
    120Drug, Chemical or Paint Stores (Wholesale)4-152
    121Dry Cleaners and Spotters4-100
    122Electric Light Companies (Private)4-296
    125Explosives and Fireworks15-20
    127Filling Stations4-108
    127.1Lead-Content Motor Fuel4-108
    129Fume and Flammable Compressed Gases15-26
    129.1Flammable Liquids15-24
    130Food Sanitation4-8
    131Foreign Fire Insurance Companies4-308
    132Occupation Taxes3-40
    132.1Use Tax3-60
    136Nursing Homes, Sheltered Care Homes and Homes for the Aged4-96
    141Itinerant Merchants4-212
    143Junk Dealers and Peddlers4-216
    143.1Recycling Facilities4-252
    145Laundries and Laundry Vehicles4-220
    147Liquor Dealers4-60
    150Manufacturing Establishments4-224
    152Massage Establishments and Massage Services4-92
    155Motion Pictures4-128
    156Motor Vehicle Storage, Repair and Sales4-232
    156.1Parking Lot and Garage Operations Tax4-236
    156.2Motor Vehicle Repair Shops4-228
    157.1Vendor Licensing and Regulation at Navy Pier4-360
    162.1Plumbing Contractors4-336
    164Public Weighmasters4-368
    165Roofers and Manufacturers of Roofing Material4-256
    168Secondhand Dealers4-264
    169Crane Operators4-288
    170Shooting Galleries and Gun Clubs4-149
    173Special Policemen4-340
    174Stationary Engineers and Boiler Tenders4-344
    175Steam Boiler Erectors and Repairers4-266
    178Tobacco Dealers4-64
    178.1Cigarette Tax4-64
    180Underground Work10-16
    185Water Supply11-12
    185.1Sewer Revenue Fund3-12
    187.1Winter Gas Termination and Reconnection5-20
    189.1Emergency Telephone System3-64
    192Public Morals
    192-1 – 192-19 Public Morals8-8
    192-20 – 192-20.6 Smoking7-32
    193Public Peace and Welfare
    193-7.9 – 193-7.10 Smoking7-32
    193-29 – 193-32, 193-35 Firearms and Other Weapons8-24
    193-33, 193-34 Official Time1-12
    193-7.1 – 193-7.8 News Media Credentials4-328
    193.1Residential Landlords and Tenants5-12
    193.2Disclosure of Heating Costs to Tenants5-16
    194Air Raids and BlackoutsApp. VI
    194AZoning OrdinanceTitle 17
    194A-1, Title17-4
    194A-2, Intent and Purpose17-8
    194A-3.1 – 194A-3.2, Rules and Definitions17-12
    194A-4.1, Zoning Districts17-16
    194A-5.1 – 194A-5.14, General Provisions17-20
    194A-6.1 – 194A-6.7-2, Nonconforming Buildings, Structures and Uses17-24
    194A-7.1 – 194A-7.12-3, Residence Districts17-28
    194A-8.1 – 194A-8.11-6, Business Districts17-32
    194A-9.1 – 194A-9.11-6, Commercial Districts17-36
    194A-10.1 – 194A-10.16-3, Manufacturing Districts17-40
    194A-11.1 – 194A-11.14-12, Administration17-44
    194BLake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance16-4
    194CAdult Use Ordinance16-16
    194DPlanned Manufacturing Districts16-8
    195ATaxicabs (Granting Permission and Authority for Operation of Taxicabs within the City of Chicago)4-348
    195A-1For Increase in Number of Taxicab Licenses4-348
    198APublic Building Commission2-140
    198.1AUndertakersApp. V
    198.2AVictory GardensApp. IV
    198.3APlumbingApp. III
    198.5ALicense Renewals During War ServiceApp. II
    198.6ALicense, Permit and Inspection FeesApp. I
    198.7BChicago Fair Housing Ordinance5-8
    198.7CChicago Fair Labor Practice Ordinance2-168
    198.7DPayment of Wages Other Than in Cash2-172
    198.8ACity Council Legislative Reference Bureau2-8
    198.10ARent ControlApp. VII
    199Human Rights2-160
    200.2Chicago Hotel Accommodations Tax3-24
    200.3Chicago Employers' Expense Tax Ordinance3-20
    200.4Street Improvement Ordinance10-12
    200.7Motor Vehicle Lessor Tax3-48
    200.10Vehicle Fuel Tax3-52
    200.11Liquor Tax3-44
    201Chicago Enterprise Zone Ordinance16-12
    202Nuclear Weapon Free Zone1-16
    N/AChicago Committee on Urban Opportunity2-148